BlueDoc, Your One-Stop File Management Platform

BlueDoc is an enterprise file management platform that allows sharing, creating and editing your files with your co-workers in real time.

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BlueDoc is designed as a business solution.

With comprehensive functions and intuitive interface, BlueDoc helps you achieve the best working results.

  • Safe Archives

    BlueDoc ensures a secure archive of your files. You can choose to upload your files to either the cloud or your company's intranet.

  • Smart Organization

    BlueDoc organizes your files according to projects or teams.

  • Standardized File Directory

    BlueDoc has a standardized directory for your files. You can find important information faster.

  • Handy File Editing Mode

    BlueDoc adopts an intuitive interface, allowing you to edit and create files with ease.

  • Markdown Style Enabled

    BlueDoc supports Markdown shortcuts. People who are familiar with Markdown will pick up BlueDoc editing easily.

  • Complete Document History

    BlueDoc keeps a complete history of revisions, allowing you to recover or cancel your amendments at a later time.

Well-designed layout.

Different from other documenting tools, BlueDoc is designed for online editing and reading, hence better compatible with the web browser.

  • Support Markdown Import

    Markdown import is available, allowing you to import your existing contents quickly in one go.

  • Support PDF/Markdown Export

    BlueDoc allows you to export your contents in PDF or Markdown format.

More functions available for exploration.

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